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Aid Questions

AdAid covers UP TO 50% of the sign, shipping and tax cost (does not include site surveys or

installation fees).

Agent is responsible to verify funds are available prior to purchase. FASTSIGNS does not have

access to verify funds and makes no guarantees about fund availability or reimbursement

amounts. Please contact your District Manager for available funds.

We take care of all the paperwork and submit your claim to AdAid. If funds are available they

will be applied on your next regular folio.

All signs shown in the catalog are preapproved for AdAid. Agent will need to verify that they

are eligible and Ad

Aid funds are available prior to purchase.

To be AdAid eligible the sign must be purchased through FASTSIGNS National Accounts, not a

from local FASTSIGNS center. Ad

Aid will reject claims submitted from a local FASTSIGNS center.

Your AdAid reimbursement will show up on your folio report under ‘Deductions’ (deduction

code 005)

Order Questions

What Kind of Sign Should I order?


Please send the following photos and information to agentsigns@fastsigns.com to help

your project manager determine the type and size of sign you should purchase.


Sign location (where you plan to install it)


Size (height & width) of area sign will be installed


Photos of the area where sign will be installed (close up and wide shot)


Let project manager know if there is an existing sign at the location

What should I do before ordering a sign?


Contact both your landlord and city to see what kind of sign requirements both have.


If you are purchasing a storefront sign it is recommended that a site survey be

performed by a local sign installer.


City permits should be issued PRIOR to approving your order.

How long will it take to receive my quote?


Standard sign from catalog: 12 business days


Custom sign: 610 business days

When will my sign be delivered once I send you the approved quote and art?


Cabinet Signs and Channel Letter Signs: 1520 business days


Vinyl Graphics: 710 business days


Interior Signage: 1015 business days

Can you split the order between agents?


Yes! We will need to know at the time that your final approval is submitted which

agents will be paying what amount (For example: Agent 1 is paying 40% and Agent 2 is

paying 60%, or 50/50).

How do I pay?


Folio Deduction (available for Full Time and Career agents): We will submit the total

from the estimate to Ad

Aid. They will apply available AdAid then deduct the balance

from your folio. If the amount from our estimate (before Ad

Aid) is over $2,000 it will be

split over 3 folios after Ad

Aid is applied.


Credit Card: You pay the entire quoted amount before the order is placed into

production. We will submit the total from the estimate to Ad

Aid and they will apply the

reimbursed amount to your next scheduled folio.

What is the status of my AdAid claim?


Please contact AdVantage at 8002187894 for any questions regarding your claim.

FASTSIGNS National Accounts does not have access to provide updates on claims.

Website Questions

Ordering from the website is only going to start the quoting process at this time. You will not be

charged until you have seen an art proof and a total estimate of price including shipping and

sales tax and chosen how you are going to pay for the order.

If you have not ordered through the website before you will have to register as a new user.